Japanese Zoo Drill By chester 03 November 2008 at 2:45 pm and have

Apparently, this is a Japanese zoo drill. What I’m thinking is that maybe watching too many monster movies where guys in suits destroy miniature buildings might have confused a few people into thinking two dudes in a rhino costume might have been a real rhino. In any case, I’m glad they caught the guys rhino.

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2 responses : “ Japanese Zoo Drill ”

  1. 1
    Daniel :

    the music makes it! i was glued to the screen wondering if the rhino would make it! so suspenseful!

    also, around halfway, a guy throws an empty bucket at the rhino then starts hitting the bucket! why on earth would he do that?

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  2. 2
    chester :

    Check out 0:33. They even included the casualty of four people in the drill cause I bet deep down they know someone’s bound to get fucked.
    As for the bucket, it’s an offering, to the cardboard Gods.

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