Live and Love and Don’t Forget the Nutella. By chester 15 September 2008 at 4:19 pm and have

I just finished two slices of toast with some Nutella spread. If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s not only death and taxes but Nutella. Holy shit. Nutella is awesome. I wish I can brush my teeth with Nutella.

I love having my website up again. There’s this feeling of productivity that’s running through me. I get up and I get to either write a blog post or post a video, or post a blog with a video. Today, I decided to post a video and write a blog post (take that procrastination!). While I am still technically in my underwear typing this, at least I’m doing something somewhat productive rather than repeatedly hitting that damn stumbleupon button (if you are on stumbleupon and like this article, please stumble it!).

I’ve felt that urge lately to wake up and smell the musk of rotting garbage. Oh wait. I have to take out the garbage… hold on… ok done… yeah, so lately I realized that I’ve fallen into my plan B. I always hated plan B. What the hell am I doing in my plan B? Allow me to explain. Usually, when people have a dream in their lives, or when they want to fufill something, it usually goes something like this: “I want to be a singer, if not, I’ll be a veterinarian.” Now, please don’t confuse this as me saying there’s something wrong with being a vet, far from it. I admire all those who look out for our little furry friends (furries exempted). What I’m trying to say is that people usually have their plan A and make sure to give themselves a plan B. Just like I did. I made sure to have a plan B. And you know what happens 100% of the time when you have a plan B? You end up with plan B. You end up with the lesser part of yourself. The “I want to be a singer” doctor or the “I want to be a lawyer” priest. The plan B of who you really want to be. My plan A was to make movies. Write or direct movies. Any kinds of movies. Movies that inspire me. Movies that move me. Cause I know if something can move me and inspire me it can inspire and move others also. I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve always wanted to export my vision to the big screen, small screen, or any screen for that matter. I think we’re selfish if we keep our art to ourselves. I fell into plan B when some limiting beliefs told me I wouldn’t be able to make it. When they told me other people were better than me. I fell into plan B when I told myself that I should stop trying to become who I really want to become. Why would I tell myself these things? Why would ANYBODY tell themselves these things? It goes down to what we fear. It goes down to our preliminary fear. Marianne Williamson said that “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” This is what gets the best of us. This is what causes our own self-sabotage. The very action of doubting your own power is what causes the ghosts of millions of books that never get written, paintings that never get painted, the ghosts of people and their art. I realize that living a life of compromise isn’t about being safe and secure, it’s about being selfish. Who are you and who am I to be so selfish as to rob the world of it’s gifts? If we honestly feel we can offer something to this world then nobody can stop us. If we stop ourselves, we are being selfish. Let’s not be selfish. Let’s live, let’s love, and let’s eat nutella.

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2 responses : “ Live and Love and Don’t Forget the Nutella. ”

  1. 1
    Rob :

    Glad to see MoC is back. Missed the videos and random writings. This provided me with a study break and some ADDED motivation. Now I remember why I’ve been checking to see if it was back up everyday for the past 2 months!

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  2. 2
    Melissa :

    See Rob’s comment

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