My Letter to YOU. By chester 26 December 2008 at 7:07 am and have

You know how they always said that the Holidays isn’t about the gifts, but rather the love you share with one another and blah blah blah where’s my PS3?
Well, see, lately, I’ve realized those people who’ve said these things were kind right in their own crazy way. Is giving love the best gift you can give?
How do you GIVE love? Should I give someone a box of condoms? is that giving love?
I realized giving love is simply just expressing, with humbling sincerety, how much you appreciate someone in your life. And this type of appreciation can be given to anybody. To your brother or sister, father or mother, even cat. You can, technically express this appreciation to your XBOX or Wii (as I have, shhh… don’t tell anyone) but these machines don’t reciprocate as much as human beings do. Tell a human being how much you appreciate them for just being who they are and the role they play in your life and the reward you get in return is far greater than any console can give you (Yes, Super Mario Galaxy, you can make me play with Luigi and get all 120 stars, but you can’t tell me you love me or appreciate me like the way I have it in all my drawings (creepy, I know. (Whoa, is this like a bracket inside a bracket? cool))).
So, this is my letter to YOU, whether we know each other or not, whether we’re close friends, just acquaintances, or perhaps you find me inexplicably attractive. I just want to say, I appreciate YOU. I appreciate YOU for precisely who YOU are and the role you play or played in my life. And all I hope for YOU is to find the love and appreciation for those around you in your life. And may we all party together one day.

Live and Love

P.S. Don’t forget to share the love cause love is free from religion, politics, race, and gender.
p.p.s feel free to add me on FACEBOOK (Antz Imp) and Twitter. Or just e-mail me. I sincerely want to hear from you.

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