The Hypercube Comes to an End - Thank You. By chester 15 May 2009 at 11:29 am and have

What a month this has been. Seriously. All I did this month was eat, sleep, drink, and breathe all things CUBE related. Cube media, cube canvases, songs about cubes, rubix cubes, ice cubes, gorilla sized cubes. The XYZ axises of my life were in full force this entire month and it’s been hella fun. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well, I’ve been in a contest trying to collect votes to win a Nissan Cube. If you’re only finding out about this now… seriously… where have you been.

Well, the Nissan Cube contest comes to an end today at noon after about 5 weeks in which 500 Canadians scrambled to build a representation of their life on a canvas hosted by The Hyper Cube people. When you look through the canvases on The Hyper Cube site, you can’t help but think “if 500 Canadians can be THIS awesome, imagine the rest!”

It’s been fun. I do, however, look forward to going back to my videos, drawings, and comedy. I’m also looking to organize a Videogame Tweetup to raise money to buy consoles for sick children who are stuck at hospitals. If you’re interested in helping out just send me an e-mail via my contact page.

A lot has happened this month, I recently became an uncle, I built a cube out of styrofoam, I bought myself an agenda to write stuff inside, I split one of fingernails down the middle, I watched two seasons of Lost, and most importantly I met some really awesome and talented people via the Hyper Cube contest.

Now, here’s a message to all of you who have voted for me, whether once or daily.

Gestures are important. Gestures are the feedback to life. Without gestures we wouldn’t know how to gauge life. Bad gestures are there to contrast the good gestures, to make us differentiate. Bad gestures are just as important as the good gestures. Good gestures are there to guide us, to make us aware that we’re doing something right. Sometimes, when we’re not doing anything and a good gesture comes our way, a good gesture reminds us of the hope, the goodness, and the awesomeness there is in humanity.

Every vote.

Every retweent.

Every facebook post.

Every ZIMP SIGHTING submission.

Every “Hey! I voted for you!”

Every comment.

Now, I know I’m not out there trying to cure cancer but every one of these gestures of yours was taken to heart with extreme gratitude and appreciation. It’s amazing how something like this can give light to the community that’s behind you.

I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for EVERYTHING you have done.

This has been an awesome experience.

If I win the Cube, I’ll have to think of an awesome way to REALLY thank you guys.

Now, as things wind down I look forward to taking on some extraordinary challenges and I’m comforted knowing I’ve got some really awesome people behind me, helping me out.

Thanks guys.

Love and Live,


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