What is mindofchester?

Well, mindofchester is made up of three words. “Mindo,” “Fches,” and “Ter.” A mindo is some sort of african rat that gives birth from the mouth. A Fches is when you find yourself enjoying an episode of America’s Next Top Model. And a Ter is, well, you. Yes. You. Reading this right now. David (Your name might not be David, I was just trying to freak out the Davids who would read this).

Mindofchester.com was founded in 2002 when a young lad by the name of Anthony Imperioli felt that other people would want to see his diabolical creations. These creations included a Canadian version of “South Park” that he cleverly named “School Daze.” Get it? Daze? Like, you’re in a walking daze? Clever no? Despite the blatant rip-off of South Park, School Daze found popularity on the internet. It seems that Anthony made the mistake of actually making School Daze a pretty funny and entertaining watch. Now School Daze wasn’t anymore a South Park rip-off but rather it had a mind of it’s own. Given how people had fallen in love with School Daze, Anthony decided to do 3 more episodes; all of which recieved with astounding success. Except maybe the 4th episode which is grossly underrated. Come on! It’s like the Empire Strikes Back of the School Daze series, it’s all story! I know. Anyways. A fifth episode still remains in progress despite it being over 2 years since the last one made it’s debut.

Anthony then went on to create “Mingia, Bro!” A light cartoon poking fun at his own Italian culture and the sub-culture that is found in St.Leonard, Quebec. This cartoon was also greatly recieved. So much so that Anthony was getting recognized everywhere he went. At clubs, at grocery stores, in gym locker rooms when he was half-naked and changing into a pair of track pants. It was an interesting display of how ideas can spread and reach others.

Anthony then collaborated with Frank Spadone for his famous “Everyone Falls at Work Sometimes” song which spoofed the famous “Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes.” The cartoon video was about Italian construction workers and their methods of staying on worker’s compensation.

However, it was Anthony’s collaboration with Pasquale and Rosina Parmiggiano that shot Anthony’s popularity high up atop the coliseum of Italian internet stardom. It began with “On Star,” a cartoon featuring a Calabrian couple who get into a car accident and attempt to use On Star. They fail miserably and hilarity ensues. On Star still remains one of Anthony’s most popular videos. However, that will change in due time.

The new Mind of Chester is about going back to the roots. Going back to where it all began. Anthony figures we don’t have much time until the Large Hadron Collider opens up a black hole and then all the matter and space that we know about disappear into nothingness. So, might as well get the ball rolling.

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