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Montreal Flash Mob Metro Party 01 January 2009 at 5:25 pm by chester

Check out this flash mob in Montreal that starts a party in the Metro. MOAR!! MOAR!!!

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+ Twitter and CelebrateCamp in Montreal By chester 19 December 2008 at 9:03 pm and have No Comments

So yesterday was Celebratecamp here in Montreal. A bunch of internet peoples got together to talk about the internet and about how they can’t wait to go back home and blog on the internet about the internet party with internet people that had no internet whatsoever. 

No, really, it was awesome fun to schmooze with some cool people that I’ve met mostly through Twitter. It the short while that I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve seen what Twitter can do in terms of how information is shared and transmitted. If it wasn’t for Twitter I’d have never been at Celebratecamp. Thank you, you bird, you. And I’ll forgive you every time I see the failwhale!

Also, if you were at Celebratecamp yesterday and we didn’t get to meet then drop me a line. I’d surely love to meet you. Congrats goes out to Austin Hill and his team on pulling off a fun night. 

I’m starting to feel good about the visions I have in mind. Remember, visions without tasks are dreams and tasks without vision is labor. You’ve got to combine the two in the right order to materialize your vision. This is what I seem to be doing. Since winter’s here in Montreal, it seems like the perfect time to settle down, hibernate in my closet/cave/office (yes, I turned my closet into an office and yes, I’ve already heard the “get out of the closet” joke 30,000 times already) and turn my ideas into something more tangible.
What about you? Oh dear reader. Whoever you are. I want to know YOUR story. How are you reading this? Why are you reading this? What are your dreams? Goals? Expectations? How can I help you achieve them? How can you help me achieve them? Whoever you are, I love you.

Oh, and I figured out that the movie Wall-E is basically Steve Jobs’ plan for saving humanity… or at least those who can afford to leave on a gigantic spaceship and use it to orbit the earth until it’s livable again. I’ll write more on that later……. Or maybe… I’ll make a video about it *wink*

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+ Montreal Canadiens: Carey Price By chester 18 December 2008 at 4:39 pm and have No Comments

This is my series of cartoons depicting the Montreal Canadiens.
Each episode showcased a different player.
The first episode is about Carey Price.

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+ Palin Pranked by CKOI’s Masked Avengers By chester 03 November 2008 at 1:06 pm and have 1 Comment

Well isn’t that awesome, Montreal’s own Masked Avengers managed to get through to Sarah Palin and pranked her into thinking they were Nicolas Sarkozy. Funny stuff.

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