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Great Moments in Presidential Speeches 20 January 2009 at 10:31 pm by chester

To honor Obama’s inauguration, here are some extraordinary moments in presidential speeches.

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+ Obama, Holograms, and Lemon Merengue. By chester 05 November 2008 at 5:18 pm and have No Comments

Man, my birthday was the SHIT!!

The U.S. finally elected a man who is completely qualified to run the White House… also, he’s black.. but I don’t think that was a big issue in the election *cough*
It’s great, the day I turn a quarter century old, history happens. It’s so typical of awesome stuff to happen on my birthday. To add, I got a lemon merengue pie and a dulce di leche cheesecake for my birthday. Also, I got to witness CNN’s Hologram. Did you see this?

It’s completely and utterly useless but awesome. My friends, the future of porn looks bright. What? You mean, it’s not an actual physical projection? You mean, Wolf Blitzer didn’t really see her in front of him, only the people at home can see her? CNN and your LIES!!! I bet Obama didn’t even win the election!! You never know!! Basically, we were witnessing the 3d equivalent of a weather map. BOO!!

In any case, history was made and it was awesome! Now, let’s not get emotional. Obama is not God. Obama is a man like you and me, and like you and me he’s probably sneezed while brushing his teeth or urinated a little on the toilet seat. This is one of the greatest challenges that faces Obama, transcending the martyr image that’s built up his name. I say this not to condemn Obama as I’m an avid Obama supporter however the U.S. needs to step away from the emotions that’s encapsulated them throughout the election so that they can see what needs to be done. We need to be prepared and understand that Obama is a man (a brilliant one) like you, me, and Ru Paul; and as men(or women), we are prone to mistakes. Let’s not blame Obama when this God and Martyr character we’ve created from him throughout the election does the most natural of human things - makes an error.

Live, love, and eat lemon merengue.

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+ “I forgot” - Anthony I. By chester 04 November 2008 at 6:36 pm and have 2 Comments

Apparently I tipped the scales and made McCain win. Don’t they know I’m Canadian.

There’s two major things happening today. The first being some sort of ceremony happening in the U.S. where they elect a new type of talking head to be portrayed as a leader of sorts. I think they call it an election.

The second being it’s my birthday. Yes. Yours truly is now a quarter century old and that much closer to death. Fun in the sun.

In order to commemorate my birthday, it seems the U.S. decided to hold one of it’s most important days EVER. That’s so cool. Thank you Americans… 

Also, don’t look into it, but Barack called to wish me happy birthday.

Also, here’s a video of how I would’ve screwed it all up if I were an American citizen.

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